General Carpet Cleaning: A carpet cleaning starts with a pre-inspection to determine how extensive of a cleaning is required to get your carpet looking new again. The carpet is sprayed with a pre-treatment to loosen embedded dirt and prepare the carpet for cleaning. This is followed by a high-powered hot water steam extraction cleaning to remove dirt and leave your carpet clean as it can be.

Deep Carpet Cleaning with Rotovac: For carpets that require a deeper cleaning. We offer carpet cleaning with a Rotovac machine. The Rotovac has rotary vacuum heads that turn in multiple directions at once giving the carpet is deeper cleaning.

After Your Carpet Cleaning: We will supply with protective booties to wear while your carpet is drying. Also if possible leave windows and doors open and turn your heater on.

Caring For Your Carpet: It is important to have your carpet professional cleaned every 6 to 12 months, depending on the flow of traffic, whether or not you have pets and children in the home, the time will vary. We sell the products you need to care for your carpet in between cleanings.


Scotch Guard: Having a scotch guard placed on your carpet or upholstery after a professional cleaning will help to prevent future stains, dirt, and grime from penetrating the fabric. A scotch guard is chemically safe and extremely effect when applied correctly. 

Pet Order Treatment: We all love our pets but they can make messes. We have products that can completely remove the odors and stains left behind by our pets. 

Stain / Spot Removal: Spills, pets, kids, grime and dirt tracked on shoes can cause ugly eyesores on your carpet that can be hard to remove with household products. We have industrial strength, chemically safe products to remove those stains to get your carpet looking beautiful again. 

Deodorizer: Fabrics, especially carpets, hold odors that can be become a nuisance and embarrasing when friends and family come to visit. We can rid your carpet of those smells.

Kitchen's and bathroom being the most used rooms in the home, the tile and grout can get pretty dirty and stained. Tile can be very difficult to clean and can take lots of time and back-breaking work. We remove dirt using an extraction method that utilizes heat, cleaning agents, and high pressure rinse that normal mopping leaves behind. 

We use eco-friendly products that are safe for you and your family.

For tips on how to care for your carpet between professional cleanings, please download the document provided here for your use in keeping your carpet looking it's best.

Brown's Carpet Cleaning was able to clean my carpet at a moment's notice. My pup was extremely ill and they came within an hour to clean our carpet. They were quick, fast, and efficient. 
-Mary, Pittsburg, CA 
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